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1816 The Year Without a Summer

1816 The Year Without a Summer

1816 - The Year Without a Summer
A WEA short course
Rampton Village Hall
Saturday 3rd August 2019. 1.00 PM-3.00 PM
Everyone welcome: entry £8.00
Tutor: Judith Hedley
As the Napoleonic wars came to an end, a catastrophic volcanic eruption in Indonesia threw huge clouds
of dust and ash into the atmosphere, affecting global weather patterns such that the summer of
1816 was one of the wettest and coldest ever recorded. Famine and suffering were rife around the
world. Yet these grim conditions inspired some of the greatest literature and art of the Romantic
period, including Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the publication of Kubla Khan, and some of the
finest paintings Turner and Constable ever produced.
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