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Pinder Park Re-Opening

Pinder Park Re-Opening

Pinder Park - Re-Opening Update - We have been to the park this evening to unlock most of the equipment. The Annual report highlighted various repairs needed, S.Ashworth Digger Services kindly undertook most of these, Sam has repainted the trim trail and we have bought metal post protectors to go over the poles on the trail to prevent further damage. The Zipwire is safe to use its just the end support is subsiding (warranty claim submitted and awaiting remedial team to put it right) The signage, its the govt guidance to put this up, the cheapest way was to list it all in one clear banner, yes it is a bit OTT but this is what the Govt has asked park owners to do so, we have compiled it all in one banner. We don't know of any local council who is able to manage the frequent constant 'cleaning and disinfecting' so most have put up signage as per the banner. All the equipment is now open bar the wooden swing sets, these failed their inspection, they have rotted through and are not safe, don't worry because I have been busy shopping around for quotes to get the best long-lasting like for like replacements (in steel) and have managed to get a grant to fund it all (so not at taxpayers cost) As soon as we can get the installation company to install them we will do, but for now all the rest of the park is open. Have fun, the park looked lovely in the sun tonight, several teenagers were enjoying the zipwire as we left.

Posted: Wed, 29 Jul 2020 20:26 by Martin Cree

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