Rampton & Woodbeck Parish Council

Serving the people of Rampton & Woodbeck

Clerk: Mr Ed Knox
24 Allison Avenue, Retford
Nottinghamshire DN22 7JS

Tel: 01777 711579

Rampton & Woodbeck Parish Council consists of residents of both villages who are 7 voluntary Councillors serving a four year term ending in 2019 and 3 part-time members of staff.

Council Meetings are usually held on the second Monday of every month alternating between Rampton Village Hall & Woodbeck Community Centre. See the diary of meetings for more information.

Origins - Our Council was founded in December 1894 by the Local Govt Act. The Act split the non-religious elements of the former 'Vestry Meetings' into those of Parish Council's and Parochial Church Councils. At our formation, the first Chairman was Mr White, Mr Robert Mellors was Clerk, Cllrs Samuel Ledger Wiswould & John Henry Olivant were appointed as Trustees to the Parish Charities, William Cobb was appointed Pinder of Rampton (a parish employee who captured stray animals and impounded them in the Pinfold), Alfred Simpson was appointed Surveyor of Highways, Roads & Drains (a Parish Employee who looked after the repair of the roads) and Robert Mellors and William Dawson acted as 'Overseers of the Precept' whose role was to collect the precept monies to run the Council. The Overseer roles were abolished in 1927 when Precept collection duties transferred to the District Council, the Surveyor role was abolished in 1952 when County Councils took over the maintenance of the roads. The Pinder role became obsolete after cattle and sheep ceased to be used to graze the parish verges when motorcars became commonplace.

Since 1894 we have had 23 Chairman and 19 Clerks. The 1950's saw our first female Councillor, Mrs Minnitt, the 1960's our first female clerk.

The role of the Parish Council has changed over the years with ever changing legislation.

1980 saw the opening of the Parish Council ran playing field on the Coles' Charity field. In 1986 a parish survey said 'yes' to the Gravel Quarry on Council land down Torksey Ferry Road, land which is now in the final stages of restoration before being handed back to the Council. The quarry enabled the Parish Council to purchase the Village Hall in 1995. The Hall had opened in the 1840's as the first Village School, after the opening of Rampton Hospital in 1912 the school needed to expand and relocate with the building of the Hospital Estate which became Woodbeck. The former school room became the village hall. 2002 saw the Parish Council purchase 'South Inge Yard' Approx 11 acre site off Retford Road, where the village playing field was relocated to become Pinder Park.

2018 saw the renaming of the parish to incorporate Woodbeck.

Who we are & what we do

  • Parish Council Powers & Duties (PDF, 176 Kb)

    A list of duties and potential powers of Parish Councils

  • Who does What? (PDF, 192 Kb)

    A list a list of duties which are NOT Parish Council related and are those of other appropriate bodies


Our councillors are elected or co-opted. They do not get paid, receive a salary or an expenses allowance, they volunteer their time for the community.


Rampton & Woodbeck Parish Council Standing Orders

  • Standing Orders (PDF, 265 Kb)

    Standing Orders of Rampton & Woodbeck Parish Council.

Our Staff

Ed Knox

Clerk & Responsibile Financial Officer to the Parish Council

Ed is Clerk, Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer of the Parish Council. He carries out all functions expected by law of such an officer and undertakes all administrative duties of the Council. Our Village Warden and Village Hall Warden report to the Clerk, who in turn reports to the Parish Council. The Clerk's duties include but are not limited to:

  • Ensure that the Council is run in accordance with the law and abides by statute.
  • Maintain financial records of the Council and prepare records for audit
  • Prepare the Council's Budget
  • Implement the Council's decisions
  • Submit the Precept Requirement to Bassetlaw Council
  • Monitor and Process Staff wages, PAYE and HMRC returns
  • Ensure the Council has adequate Insurance Cover.
  • Keep property/asset registers and other legal documents up-to-date
  • Work with the Chairman and other members as appropriate
  • Prepare and issue the Council Agendas
  • Produce the minutes of the meetings
  • Provide appropriate legal and practical advise to the Council members
  • Obtain quotes for tenders
  • Review rental incomes, Negotiate Leases & Contracts with the Council for its lands/tenancies
  • Receive, Study & Reply to all correspondence on behalf of the Council.
  • Deal with phone inquiries for the Council
  • Carry out proactive research for the Council suggesting ways to improve procedures or services of the parish.
  • Supervise staff and undertake tasks in connection with salaries and conditions of employment
  • Act as a representative of the Council and attend meetings
  • Liaise with the District Council and County Council on matters of concern to the Parish Council
  • Maintain contact with the local District Councillor and County Councillor
  • Prepare press releases for the Council
  • Act as a point of contact for residents within the Parish and for outside bodies.
24 Allison Avenue
DN22 7JS
01777 711579

Martin Cree

Village Hall Warden

For Village Hall Booking Enquiries and all things Village Hall Related. Martin acts as Hall Booking Secretary, Promoter, Cleaner, Caretaker and is always looking for ways to improve the hall and increase its bookings. Martin's duties include but are not limited to:

  • Primary Contact for All bookings
  • Ensure Hall Health & Safety requirements are met
  • Keep the hall clean and secure
  • Ensure licensing provisions are observed
  • Address any hall emergencies and complaints
  • Maintain an asset list and ensure nothing is lost or broken
  • Maintain the Hire Agreements log
  • Actively promotes the hall and its user groups
  • Open and Close the Hall for users.
  • Checks & Maintains the parish Defibrillators
  • Oversees maintenance/service inspection work at the Village Hall
  • Oversees maintenance/service inspection work at Parish Post Office
  • Assists the Village Warden

Sam Foster

Village Warden

Sam looks after various 'hands on' jobs around the parish, he is able to work within Rampton and as far as the Hospital Gates in Woodbeck (please note due to the service maintenance contract the Hospital has with Mitie for the estate Sam is not able to work within the gates). Sam undertakes many duties, including but not limited to:

  • Playground Equipment Inspections
  • Street Cleaning & Lengthsman Duties
  • Litter Picking
  • Parish Street Furniture Maintenance
  • Road & Street Sign Cleaning
  • Putting out the Parish Council Wheelie Bins at the Village Hall
  • Operating the Parish Mower around the Play Equipment on Pinder Park, Retford Road & Treswell Road Bends and Woodbeck Crossroads
  • Maintenance of the Parish Planters
  • Top up the Salt Grit bins and use the parish salt spreader on key pavements in icy weather
  • Arrange emptying of the Glass Bins

You might see Sam working in all weathers, keeping the parish looking good. If there's a message for Sam or you have noticed something which could do with his attention, please either email the Clerk or have a word with Martin Cree.

Other Documents

  • Complaints Procedure (PDF, 244 Kb)

    Complaints Procedure

  • Emergency Plan (PDF, 478 Kb)

    Emergency Plan Jan 2018, our parish emergency plan comes into force when there is an emergency which is described as a major disruption to electricity, water, telecommunication and highway access for the whole community lasting at least 6+ hours or causing a danger of health and safety to our community.

  • Public Participation Policy (PDF, 298 Kb)

    Public Participation Policy. Our policy explains how and when members of the public may speak at our meetings.

  • Petitions Policy (PDF, 198 Kb)

    Petitions Policy

  • Risk Assesment (PDF, 240 Kb)

    Risk Assessment of the Parish Council

  • Grant Awarding Policy Sep 2020 (PDF, 185 Kb)

    Grant Awarding Policy Sep 2020

Historic Council Documents

Below are the historic records of the Council, the originals have been sent to Nottinghamshire Archives:

  • Deed 29/09/1897 Rt Hon F J S Foljambe to Rampton Parish Council footpath near Fox Covert (Footpath became County Council in 1952)
  • Declaration of Acceptance of Office Parish Councillors 1894 – 1999
  • Notts County Council Footpath Maps 20.06.1952 & Correspondence 1967 - 1976
  • Millennium Celebration Evening 10th Dec 2000 Rampton Village Hall Visitors Book
  • Minute Book - 1976 - 1982
  • Minute Book - 1982 - 1991
  • Minute Book - 1991 - 1998
  • Minute Book - 1998 - 2007
  • Minute Book - 2007 - 2015
  • Minute Book - 2015 - 2020
  • Former Sports & Leisure Commitee Minute Book 2005 - 2008
  • Former Village Hall Committee Minute Book & Account Summaries 1998 - 2016