20th July 2024

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Snow Warden - Volunteer Required

Notts County Council are reaching out to see if there is anyone in your district that would be willing to volunteer as a snow warden during adverse weather conditions for 2023-2024. The season runs from October through to April.The responsibilities are as follows:Contact the Customer Service Centre (0300 5008080), advise that you are a snow warden and inform them of the Parish that you cover. Then provide the following information:Are the roads 'white over'? YES / NOState the depth of settled snow (in mm)?Is it still snowing? YES / NO (Heavy or light?)Is traffic moving? YES / NOAre vehicles leaving black wheel tracks? YES / NOSnow wardens will update the information as conditions change (Minimum frequency 2 hours).If you are interested please email the clerk at the below address with your contact details which will be passed on to the Notts County Council Highways department:clerk@ramptonandwoodbeck-pc.gov.uk

Posted: Mon, 30 Oct 2023

Tags: Snow Warden